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Indre is the current Lord Kandrian, taking the position just before the Crystal War. When the Tuatha invaded Erathell, he believed that fighting them would be pointless and withdrew the Kandrian Guard to Kandrian Keep and the nearby village of Mel Aglir, abandoning the rest of Kandrian to the Freemen and Tuatha raiders. His decision has angered a group of people in Rathir, who send Eli Tems to deal with him.




You're not here about the blasted Tuatha are you?

upon approach.

After the Tuatha invasion, overnight it seemed, most of Kandrian lay in ruins. Rather than lose all, we fortified Kandrian Keep. Mel Aglir survives too in our shade because it is close enough to defend without sacrificing our security.

when asked about Kandrian.

In every incursion upon Erathell by foolish, upstart tyrants, Kandrian Keep has never fallen. Even if all of Kandrian and Mel Aglir succumb, my family's keep will stand fast.

when asked about Kandrian Keep.

It is not for nothing this land and this keep bear my family's name. We've protected this region for generations, a fact that those peasants in Mel Aglir occasionally take for granted. I forgive them this; it was not an easy choice to make and it is a heavy one to bear.

when asked about himself.

It is close enough to our keep that my Guard can defend both without too much risk. That is why I can safely leave a garrison there. Without our protection, they would have been razed years ago and this keep would be all that's left of old Kandrian.

when asked about Mel Aglir.

What's the point in fighting them? You kill one and it gets right back up. No, it is better if we stay here and keep them from getting what we have.

when asked about Tuatha.

My sister's dimwit son. She betrayed the family and married one of those contemptible Ljosalfar traders. She went north and we heard nothing of her for years until a messenger turned up on my doorstep with that son of hers. Apparently they both died of the plague and left this burden of theirs on me.

when asked about Erion Rheidarn.

Why don't you see yourself out.

upon ending the conversation.

Forgive me if I don't show you out.

upon ending the conversation.


  • He is mentioned in the Kandrian Trade Writ.
  • Completing The Lord Kandrian has him killed by the cursed ring. He is then replaced by his nephew, Erion Rheidarn.
  • He can be killed the regular way during the quest, but this causes the Kandrian Guard to become hostile and cause unrest among the people of Mel Aglir.