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Anokatos and I have assembled the Wreath of Absolution, an artifact required to bring the Kollossae back into the good graces of Ethene. Now that it has been crafted, Anokatos wants me to go to the Hyperian Temple with him and conduct a ritual of penitence. I can find the Hyperion Temple in the lake beneath Idylla.


  • Talk to Anokatos in the Eyrie Peak after collecting the last Pteryx Vane. He will ask you to accompany him to the Hyperian Temple to perform the ritual of absolution.
  • Important to note:  Your access to the city and its merchants and repair services will be severed until after the main quest line is completed.  Make sure you have enough Repair Kits to account for your playstyle so your equipment does not shatter.
  • Travel to the Hyperian Temple in the center of the map, enter and meet Anokatos within.
  • Move down through the temple. You will have to leave Anokatos occasionally to open the way forward.
  • Finally you reach the bottom and Anokatos gives you a speech about redemption. Then you need to stand in the glowing blue pool. Anokatos will move forward to stand in his place, and a cutscene begins.
  • Learn about your betrayal and kill the guards that attack. You will then pick up the negative effect "Shattered Fate" which can cause you to lose fate when struck.
  • Slaughter the people who stand in your way until you get up to Secandra who will ask what is going on. Explain and she will join you in your escape after giving you a style based Shield, Buckler or Talisman.
  • Fight the rest of the way up to the top and talk with Secandra again to start the next quest The Perpetual Desolations.


The reward is based on which Ability the Fateless one favors, or random if two or more are equal.