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It is the second quest available as part of the main storyline.


Just before Hugues escaped, he told me to find a Fateweaver named Agarth in the town of Gorhart. This Fateweaver should be able to shed some light on my condition. Argarth, Fateweaver and close friend to Hugues, says that I appear to have no fate. If it's true, I would be the first mortal with no destiny.


You most likely have gained a level, so be sure to set your skills and the ability points. Jump off the platform nearby into the water and use the dive point to find a few items. To the east you can swim behind the waterfall to find four Giant Rats guarding quite a bit of treasure. Back in the water you can find a second dive point to the far west on the opposite end. Back on the land you can talk with the various gnomes and loot the overturned cart.

Near the cart you can find a Shrine of Mitharu that will provide a bonus. You can hear a gnome ask for assistance with a Bear, so provide the help via slaughter. You can talk with Guran and perform a Persuasion Check to receive about 100 gold. As you progress south you can notice a few Wolves near a cart. Slay them and move down this narrow path to gain access to a new area, the Stonecandle Mines. Take the other path to start a scene with Agarth the Fateweaver. Mid-conversation you can perform a Persuasion Check to receive Greater Health Regen Potion and a Greater Mana Regen Potion.

Tuatha Soldiers and Rogues appear and you learn how to use Reckoning. After some more conversation you get a chance to choose your Destiny. A new objective is added and you regain control. Ahead is a Dalentarth Stone that will give you a few experience and some lore. Further ahead you will enter the town of Gorhart. At this time you can proceed along the road and reach the destination for the main quest or start some of the various quests that this town has to offer.

To the Fateweaver[]

Into the light part

Alyn Shir standing near the corpse Arden in his hut

Continue east along the road until you come across Ainmhi. You can start the quest Red in Tooth and Claw if you decide to help him. Further along the road you will find Penri Kell who can offer the task Reprisal, Reprised. Move south from here and slay the beasts that attack you. Along the road you eventually come across Arden's Hut . After the scene leave the area and move south to the village of Canneroc. West from here along the road you can spot the remains of a Silkfarmer from Canneroc, looting it starts the task Resting the Bones.

Make your way around the bend and you will be ambushed by a large group of Giant Spiders and Venomspitters. As you approach Hornstead you can find an Ettinmere Stone. Stick to the road in this area, the enemies are plentiful and powerful. As you make your way to the objective you can loot a corpse to start Rallying Cry. Help Agarth slay the Shaman then enter Dellach.

The Theater of Fate[]

Move through the hallway into an open room with Wolves and an Ettin Brute. You will find much of the same in the next room as well as a Dispel Ward chest. Follow the path and open the magnificent door to find Kobolds that have gathered. Loot the nearby chest and continue down the hallway to find a single Kobold. Approaching it summons a horde of Kobold Rogues, so be alert and fight them one at a time. Open the elegant door and continue along the path to another room filled with Kobold There is a chest in the corner on your way out of the room into another where Kobolds are battling the Ettin.

Further in you will fight an Ettin Warpriest. Treat the fight like the Rock Troll and it will be a cakewalk. Attempting to hack and slash combo this foe isn't going to work at your level. After the short scene proceed west through the empty room but check the north and south rooms to find chests. Continue into a hallway with Kobold Rogues then south through a corridor and clear out the last Kobolds as you enter the Theater of Fate.

The Niskaru Bloodhunters that you face are easily beaten if countered after blocking. It becomes easy to chain combo them and with Agarth there to aid you they go down even quicker. Loot the chest then touch the Destiny Stone to receive the Codex of Destiny. A short scene occurs and you are thrown into combat. Use large area attacks to quickly fell the would be assassins. A short scene occurs and this quest completes.


  • Loot from the remains of the various fights and from the chests inside Dellach
  • 100 Fate points (after touching the Destiny Stone in the Theater of Fate)
  • Level-dependent XP, but no Gold for quest completion (about 5000 at level 20)