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Invincibility is an effect of temporary invincibility achieved by drinking a Greater Invincibility potion.


This is a temporary effect caused by drinking an alchemical potion.

  • +100% Physical Resistance
  • +100% Piercing Resistance
  • +100% Fire Resistance
  • +100% Ice Resistance
  • +100% Lightning Resistance
  • +100% Elemental Resistance
  • +100% Poison Resistance
  • +100% Bleeding Resistance


  • The effect list does not state that it has any effect regarding resistance to Primal Damage.
  • The invincibility's effect still does nothing against a lethal fall from the Idylla Concourse; even though it would seem that the source of the problem would be massive physical damage and that such would be negated by the effects from the invincibility, the Fateless One suffers lethal injury nevertheless and is disabled from taking any preventive action long before s/he lands.