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Irion is the leader of this camp. He is a true master of the stage, but a cunning thief as well, in his own way.


Irion Tal, known as "King of Cups", is the leader of the travelers at Moon Camp. He is a master of the stage and a cunning thief. According with the travelers found within the camp, Irion has been quite sad lately because his wife, Maire, left him.


Irion can be found at Moon Camp, within Tywili Coast.



What is this specimen before me? I can only thin that you were the skilled one the Hierophant said I was to expect. If only you had come sooner... then you might have helped, to keep my Maire's heart here.

upon your first encounter with him.

Oh, nothing I should be bothering you with. After all you've accomplished in Star Camp... what's so special about a broken hearted Alfar? I should tell you more about what mission you're to be - oh, you must give me a moment. Maire, my poor, lovely Maire...

when asked: What are you talking about?

My Queen of Cups, the once-joint leader of Moon Camp. My wife. Happy we were in the years we were wed, yet sad we were in the hours. She was of a noble family, and I, their jester. We fell in love, eloped, and joined the only ones who did not shun our love: the Travelers. But of late, the stress of this life has finally taken its toll. She left me, and this camp, to seek refuge in the Temple of Lyria.

when asked: What happened? Who's Maire?

I... I'm in no state to be aiding you right now. I should be alone... I still need some time. Very well. Go to the Hierophant Shrine, and pray. There you will receive portents of the next mission from our grand leader.

if chosen the response: So... about that mission....

May the Hierophant's gaze find my wife, for what a wretch I have become! I am more like a king of ants than anything else!

when asked about himself.

There is nothing I can say to describe how I pine for her! Would that I be sundered like the Rathir Battlefield, that I could escape this anguish!

when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups.

The Hierophant directs all of the Travelers - a director of our cues and exits, of our motivations and actions. It is well known that the Hierophant commands us because of a vision of the work from start to end: a prophecy to tell us what to steal.

when asked about the Hierophant.

It takes a brave sort to be a Traveler. We've all left something behind, or made the sacrifices we had to, or had no where else to turn. But more than that, a Traveler needs presence. We need to command attention, to perform under spotlight... even from the shadows.

when asked about the Travelers.

You must pray at the Hierophant Shrine. There you will divine the targets of your thefts.

when asked: What's my next mission?



  • He and Maire disappear from the camp after the travelers quest line is complete (if you sided with Grim) and Grim Onwig shall become the new leader of the camp.