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Crilgarin has told me that Grim Onwig -- the man that recruited me into the Travelers -- has gone missing on the job. I have been tasked with going to his last known location and learning what has become of him -- and help as necessary.


Find Grim Onwig[]

Grim Onwig was last known going to Ohn's Stand in the southern region of Lorca-Rane. Crilgarin will add the location to your map, south of Warden's Bridge.

Go inside Ohn's Stand, and you will see two Gnomish Praetorians. After you kill them, you will see Onwig in the jail cell near the entrance. He will tell you what happened to him and your options for releasing him.

Spring Grim Onwig[]

Grim Onwig has been imprisoned by a group of gnomish warriors. There are two ways I can free him: I could steal his confiscated supplies and open the cell door -- by either pick or key -- or I can find the book the gnomes are looking for and trade it to them for Grim's freedom.

At this point you can proceed to finish the quest in one of two ways. The easier way is to recover the Missives of Sable and trade them for his freedom. The other method is to skip the Missives and just bust him out of the cage. Choose one of the following Options:

Missives path

The path to Missives of Sable.

Option 1 - Missives of Sable (Trade with Gnomes):

6 x Jottun Warriors
1 x Jottun Runewielder (Frost)

The path can be found on the associated image. Take the top right path and jump off the ledge. You will come across a series of fights with Jottun warriors.

In the open area at the top, the Jottun Runewielder will be on patrol. Once you reach the end, you will find the Missives of Sable, and can open the middle gate to come back to the Jail cell. Then proceed down the left path.

All of the Gnomish Warriors will be neutral to you at this point, and you can run straight to the end and talk with Centurion Gastet. Once you give him the Missives, he gives you the Centurion's Key, which you can use to free Onwig. You then speak to him again and tell him that you've bought his freedom, and he will make a dash for the exit.

Centurion key path

The path to Missives of Sable.

Option 2 - Centurion's Key (Fight Gnomes):

8 x Gnomish Sentry
5 x Gnomish Sorcerer
1 x Centurion Gastet

To bust Onwig out of his cage, you need to either pick the lock on the door or steal the key from Centurion Gastet. You also need to recover his stealth kit. You go down the left path to the gnomes, and the rest of the way is simple hack and slash. When you get to Gastet, you can either pickpocket him for the key (if you did not pick the lock on the jail cell) and recover the Stealth Kit. The outcome is the same if you choose to just kill him. When you've recovered the Stealth Kit, go talk to Onwig and he'll make his exit.

Speak to Crilgarin[]

I have secured Grim Onwig's freedom. I should return to Grilgarin and tell her that the job is done, and report the disturbing news that Grim had been set up by the Hierophant.

Run or quick travel back to Star Camp and talk to Crilgarin to complete the quest (XP and Gold, level-based).  She will tell you to move on to the next Travelers' Location, the Moon Camp.


  • If you choose to attack the Gnomes, make sure you target the Sorcerers first, otherwise they will continue to stagger you with spells
  • All but one of the Jottun Warriors can be assassinated if you are using daggers. The patrolling Runewielder needs to be behind a pillar for you to go unnoticed.  
  • The two warded chests can be looted no matter your choice of attacking the gnomes or not and will not trigger an attack.


  • Should you choose to recover the book first, under no circumstances, attack the gnomes, after the first two guarding Onwig. Should you attack the gnomes, Centurion Gastet will not speak to you, as he considers the attacks as crimes. To fix this bug, fast travel to Gorhart and go to jail by committing a crime. Serve out your time in jail. This will reset Centurion Gastet to neutral.
  • If you choose to get the cell key first, then do not pick up the book. If you pick up the book, then it will become stuck into your inventory and become a glitched item.