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I am the Steward of Tinctures and Elixirs, a meaningless title, one I gave myself, actually. But my work is vital, as is my role, to test the Font's magic.


Jakasen is a basic Alchemy Trainer who can be found in the Lyceum Grove of the Gardens of Ysa.



Ah, the mockingbird.
You will have to excuse my state, your grace. The House of Ballads rarely sends its ruler to meet with me. I usually entertain mortals from Felltown.

upon your first meeting.

I enjoy the mortal world immensely. It adds such texture and color to our experience. Now and then you might find me in your dustling district, taking in the bustle.

when asked about Felltown.

This is where we watch over the Font, the source of magic in the Gardens of Ysa. It is a fountainhead that has nourished for as long as this world has been. The Font's flow can be measured, directed, and even regulated, depending on the needs of our people. Fontmaster Nomeron attends to these duties.

when asked about the Lyceum Grove.

Fountmaster Nomeron insists that everything flows as it should, yet I have seen his worry, and I feel the magic weakening. Strange forces are at work.

when asked about The Font.

He has the role of monitoring the Font's flow throughout the city and Faelands. His telling is not to be envied, as it is one of our most important.

when asked about Nomeron.

It may be difficult to believe, but this city was once inhabited only by Fae. The Understyle consisted of everything growing beneath the Font. Now this important section of Ysa is but a dark corner, all but forgotten.

when asked about The Understyle.

Do come see me again.


  • He will have you drink a potion for the quest What Ales You. There are no adverse effects to drinking the potion except for blacking out for a few seconds.
  • If the Fateless One has completed the House of Ballads quest line, Jakasen will make note of it: upon his first meeting since the completion of the quest, Jakasen will address the Fateless One as "your grace" and note that he usually does business with mortals from Felltown, and not the rulers of the House of Ballads. Upon further meetings, he will refer to the Fateless One as his liege.