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And standing there upon the street corner as I emerged was the loveliest of angels, selling flowers from a basket at her hip. She was from Emaire, I would later find out -- she had made the trek with armful of irises in the hopes that she might see the big city and have a taste of some adventure.

--Excerpt from Patrick Morkan's diary


Jane Morkan is the deceased wife of NPC Patrick Morkan. She was married to Patrick for thirty-two years before she died of heart failure in her sleep.

According to Patrick Morkan's diary—the only source of information about the character before she was reanimated—she came to Rathir from the small village of Emaire out of wanting to live a big-city life. She made ends meet by selling flowers she had brought with her.

The couple first met when Patrick was studying at the Scholia Arcana. He saw her across the street, and she made him forget everything entirely at that moment, upon which he struck up the nerve to ask her name. For her, he missed the initiation trial.

She was also apparently a fan of romantic novels, and her husband enjoyed teasing her about it.

In the game's timeline, she has been deceased for already a month, at the least, and reanimated by Patrick using Necromancy. However, she did not reanimate as a normal human, and as the player sees during the final stages of the quest "The Unquiet Bride", she is less like the Fateless One and more like a Son of Laz zombie—mindless and having the taste for human flesh.

The quest "The Unquiet Bride" ends with her permanent death.