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Now what hasn't old Jeibir done and been? Traveler in my youth, captain, and that's the truth of it. Then I went to war. Did my part in Klurikon, but those days too are behind me now.


Jeibir Calurin is first encountered in the side quest 'A Second to a Duel'. The Fateless One has to tell him the name of the ship that Walen will aboard: the Maid of Fortune or the Ravenswing.


He can be found roaming around the docks of Rathir.



Walen sent you? what's the word? This is a devilish curious business, and I don't mind saying so.

upon your first encounter with him.

A friend, you might say. I've been called other words, but don't you mind that.

when asked: Who are you?

If chosen the "Maid of Fortune":

So it's to be the Maid of Fortune then? Aye, I know her. Well and good, then. Oh! And when you're done return here.
I know the ship. Know the captain, too. Sturdy mast to keel. She'll serve well enough.

when asked about the Maid of Fortune.

If chosen the "Ravenswing":

Ravenswing? You're certain he named that ship? Well, and who am I to say otherwise.
Now isn't that one of Forstid's own? I wouldn't have thought... but then, you'd know best.

when asked about the Ravenswing.

The rest of the quotes regardless of the Fateless One's choice:

Aye, if you'll go and second his duel. That's the bargain, ain't it? Let's do our parts.

when asked: You'll secure the ship?

A friend of our friend, you might say. I've raised a glass or three with the lad now and then. Owe him a bit of a favor, too.

when asked about himself.

You wish him luck for me. Make sure he's got the handle toward him and the point out the other way.

when asked about Walen.

Good day then, dove. And good luck with it.

When you talk to him again, once the duel is over:

No here's a fellow traveler, with fairer fortune than me, at present time.
Now I've not heard from the lad - but then, that was the plan, aye? Wasn't it, captain?

when asked about Walen.

I was a ragged urchin then, picking pockets. Took me in when I tried to empty one of theirs. They taught me a thing or two: Dancing with Fae-folk by moonlight... making Almain maidens blush... Ah! Wandering days.

when asked about the Travelers.

By the look of you, you've stretched your legs. You've seen a Fae or two yourself. They're folk and not folk, aye captain? Wise in years and wild as children, somehow both at once. And how some love to dance and sing...

when asked about the Fae-folk.

Ah ha ha. Well, captain, some tales are best untold, don't you think? Still, a blush and a kiss may be the sweetest thing in Amalur.

when asked about the Almain maidens.

A stranger land you'll never see. It's not lush and peaceful, like here; it's dark, and overgrown. But even then, you could see the wounds of war upon the lands...

when asked about Klurikon.

Well, captain.