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My dear husband. I know he thinks himself useless, but the dear has been essential in helping me keep this town in health potions and anti-venom....
-Syllareta Vauner


Jennery Vauner is the husband of Syllareta Vauner. He aids in gathering ingredients for her potions to keep the town alive against the spider threat.


Jennery can be found in Vauner House in Canneroc.


I never thought I'd still be standing when the attacks were over. Thank you, stranger. But all that was destroyed... all the people who died... I only can thank the gods Syllareta was spared.
Damn these Fae, and damn their magic. We lost half a dozen because some bloody witch thought to be nice to her pet spiders!? You've killed one, and that's a start. If I had my way, I'd burn this whole forest to the ground for what they did.

when asked about the Webwood.

My wife. A damn wizard at the alchemy bench - err, or a damn alchemist - you know what I mean.

when asked about his wife, Syllareta Vauner.

Yeah, while you can...

when ending a conversation.