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Wasn't from these parts. Came from the north - from Gorhart. Nice enough place, but if they think the woods of Odarath are frightening...


Johan Vernt is a citizen of Canneroc. He came from Gorhart to make a living in Canneroc. He is rather grumpy, doesn't like to talk. When the Fateless One offers help, he won't believe he/she will be able to save the village.


Canneroc in Webwood.


So, you're the one that's supposed to save us all. All I see is another liability. If you're looking for potions, see Syllareta. For a bed, a forge or other items, try the inn. And whatever you do, stay alert.
He's my cousin. Distant cousin. But I couldn't care less who's in charge around here. When the dice are tossed, the only thing important is yourself.

when asked about Garaner Vernt.

It's trying to kill us. That forest will be the death of us all, I've been thinking that since the first moment I came to this town.

when asked about Webwood.

You again. With all your comings and goings, I thought you might have forgotten us. It seems the rest of the world has. The Warsworn and the House of Ballads are north, but they send no aid. Didenhil, Gorhart, Leland Post... have they all forgotten we are still here?
You...I was wrong about you. It had been so long since we've had to rely on ourselves that I didn't want to trust a stranger. You have my thanks. All of our thanks, I'm sure.

after the Fateless One completes the missions.


He is a distant cousin of Garaner Vernt.