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I've decided to help Tari Holstig exact revenge on the old Scion, the outgoing spiritual leader of Cape Solace. She betrayed Tari and his mother, and left them to die. The Scion is located in the north, in a ruin where she prepares her departure.



  • If the Fateless One failed the persuasion check during the conversation with Tari Holstig in Dark Harbor, this side quest is not made available. Instead, the side quest Price of Freedom, also involving Tari, will become available after the completion of the Main Quest's The Exiles .
  • The Watchers guarding the approach to the ruin drop parts of the Children of Erathell Armor Set.
  • If the Fateless One kills the Scion prior to speaking to Tari in the Dark Harbor quest, there is no persuasion check or Justice Done quest and Tari simply rewards you with the Strand of the Shifting Seas during the conversation in Dark Harbor.
  • Killing the Scion after failing the persuasion check will result in no response from Tari, who will still berate the Fateless One for not helping him.
  • is possible to talk to the scion if the players approach in stealth mode behind the scion,and exit sneak mode and talk to her.after talking through the combat will start.