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"I'm just your typical low-born lass from Rathir, stuck at the bottom of society. Decided to make something of myself by joining the Warsworn."

Kail is a Warsworn recruit on one of her first jobs, protecting a merchant's ship out of Mel Senshir before they were attacked by a Dvergan Raider. Now she has washed ashore on Gallows End, a castaway like everyone else on the island. If the Fateless One offers her a place in Gravehal Keep, Kail will take up a position as the Keep blacksmith.


Kail can be found in the northern area of Gallows End, just below Akara-Tor.


  • If the Fateless One has at least started the Warsworn faction quests, Kail will comment that she recognizes them from Shieldring Keep. Like him/her, she completed her first job - clearing out a camp of Red Legion bandits - with Ost Ordura
  • Kail will petition the Fateless One to help her kill a number of Niskaru at Castaway Cove during the Master of the Keep quest series.
  • Despite wearing plate armour, Kail actually wears a dress underneath her breastplate. If the Fateless One comments on this, she exasperatedly explains that she was relieving herself when the ship sank and made do with what she could find in the wreckage to protect her modesty.