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This magnificent blade was pulled from a boulder on the battle-torn Tywili Coast.



Kellerac's sword

The boulder and sword

Kellerac's Sword can be found stuck in a large boulder in a small ruin in the Tywili Coast (see Location for details). There are several options once the blade is examined:

  • Pull the blade out
    • Requires 42 Might, and grants the true Kellerac's Sword.
  • Remove the gem
  • Destroy the gem
    • Requires 3 (verified at 3 minimum) Sagecraft and grants the plain Kellerac's Sword.

Furthermore, do note that the sword stats (damage and requirements) are calculated when the sword is obtained based on the Fateless One's level. To acquire the best stats, the player should attempt to pull the sword out at level 24.

The difference between the true sword and the plain (gemless) sword is that the true sword has the effects of the gem of snow, i.e. added:

this is always constant, irrespective of the Fateless One's level.

The weapon socket is present in both versions.


Kelleracs sword location

X marks the spot

Kellerac's Sword is located in the Plains of Erathell, in the Tywili Coast area, in a small ruin directly south of the Moon Camp and Rathir. It is stabbed through a skeleton into a rock.