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The Niskaru lord Khamazandu is the most famous of Warsworn foes, for he leads the beings the Warsworn train and sacrifice to vanquish – the Niskaru. Long ago, Eamonn – the founder of the Warsworn or Firstsworn, defeated thousands of Niskaru and finally imprisoned Khamazandu. Eamonn imprisoned Khamazandu in Cloudcrest Mountain which lies in the ravine, which connects the Hollowlands with Menetyre. Khamazandu was a beast of unlimited chaos as he still is and could only be contained in a force as strong as a mountain. He was chained in the heart of Cloudcrest and the Warsworn thought the Niskaru threat was over and that the remaining Niskaru were scattered and could be hunted down easily, but...they were wrong.

Though Khamazandu was imprisoned, his voice was not, and he took advantage of that. Fahrlang – a prince from a noble family who had been snatched out of his prince life and had been raised as a beggar, one day had by mistake found the prison of Khamazandu. Khamazandu whispered to Fahrlang and twisted his mind by a lie that he could help him get his kingdom back if he freed him. Fahrlang believed this and gathered a group of mages and started the process of freeing Khamazandu. However... Eamonn's son Eagonn had inherited the same fate his father had done before him – to stop Khamazandu from being freed. Eagonn forged a weapon of immeasurable power – the Mystic Hammer, and used the hammer to battle through scores of Niskaru and Fahrlang's mages and finally confronted Fahrlang, slew him and imprisoned Khamazandu once more.

Now Khamazandu had been imprisoned twice, but he still did not give up. Another broken man – Anru Besin – who was once a general in the Alfar army, who had been laughed off by the other generals of the army for his opinion on using Niskaru in the Alfar army to fight the Tuatha in the Crystal War, also heard the whisper of Khamazandu and had been given the proposal of getting revenge if he freed Khamazandu. He believed the proposal like Fahrlang and was instructed to follow the same steps Fahrlang had, he gathered a small army of cutlists and mages and named them the Fahrlangi- after Fahrlang. Eamonn and Eagonn were both dead from centuries ago, but with a stroke of luck the Fateless One had joined the ranks of the Warsworn and is instructed by Tine Delfric, the leader of the Warsworn, to follow in Eagonn's steps. The Fateless One does so and finds the remains of the Mystic Hammer, reforges the hammer and finally confronts Anru Besin like Eagonn had confronted Fahrlang, and kills Anru Besin, just then Khamazandu whispers to the Fateless One as well and the Fateless One must choose between two fates: to give in to the temptation of power and become the Forsworn, the scourge of the Warsworn; or to stay true to the oath and be hailed Truesworn, a champion of the Warsworn and one of the finest warriors that ever lived.


The Fahrlangi cult, and the evils that transpired since its creation, is due both to Fahrlang's weaknesses as well as Khamazandu's sweet lies. Gwyn Anwy's teaching helps to clarify that the Niskaru were behind it all. They are a true plague on the inhabitants of Amalur, using its citizens to sow discord.

It seems he was a prince whose father squandered and lost his kingdom. He was raised, hunted and a beggar. Then he found the Niskaru Lord, Khamazandu, in its mountain prison. It whispered to him, said it could help him win back his birthright. That's how it began.

Gwyn Anwy

Khamazandu is considered much more powerfull than the other two Niskaru Lords known, Balor and Fyragnos.