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Frama Aedic needs The Fateless One's help. Summer Fae have kidnapped her husband Alard Aedic and requires assistance to retrieve him.


  • Talk to Frama Aedic on the main road through Alserund, Detyre
  • Travel east and talk to Florion. He will tell The Fateless One that they need to retrieve a Kora Petal from a thresh in the Caverns of Ingress in the north.
  • Activating the three sigil stones will apply negative effects:
    1. Waterfall: -50% damage resistance
    2. Pillar: -50% damage
    3. Tree: -25% chance to evade

Note: It may be preferable to eliminate all enemies before activating the second sigil in order to avoid handicapping yourself further during the fights because of the curses. This will leave the Thresh as the only enemy to fight with all three debuffs.

  • Kill the thresh (it will appear in the cave after you have activated the third sigil stone) and exit the caverns. Fast travel back to the Circle of Engard, and talk to Florian again. He will give you a Fae Potion.
  • Give the potion to Alard Aedic to finish the quest (level-based XP, but no Gold - both Frama and Alard disappear from the map after the quest is completed, so no reward from them either).
  • Talk to Florian again to begin the next quest Fellfire Bloom.


  • All negative effects will disappear after you kill the Thresh.


  • After defeating the Guardian of Ingress before leaving you pass by a door you opened to enter. By passing by that door it states that the door is locked and must be opened with a key. However it is already open.