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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is a remastered version of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning published by THQ Nordic. It was released on September 8, 2020.

Remastered Content[]

The game features the following:

Gameplay Changes[]

  • Level lock has been removed
    • The original game determined the level of a zone on first entering, this was stored in the save file. In Re-Reckoning, it'll re-calculate the level every time entering or re-entering a level
  • New zone Level calculation
    • The original game has all zones marked with a minimum and maximum level. on entering, the current player level was clamped into this minimum / maximum range and stored as level
    • It now uses the current difficulty level as a means to determine the level before clamping into the minimum / maximum range. On Casual difficulty, the enemy level is reduced a bit. On hard and very hard it is increased. It also improved the maximum values for hard and very hard difficulty
    • The XP gain has been reduced to cater for the increased level of enemies, and the XP is not increased when playing on harder difficulties due to the effect of beating higher level enemies
    • You can still out-level zones – which is desirable if it doesn‘t happen too quick. It is part of the power fantasy to be able to come back to initial zones and be over powered – but out-leveling zones you play for the first time should only happen rarely
  • Zone Level Calculation was altered in Re-Reckoning to be easier to modify by modders (PC only)
  • Loot level lock of Containers removed
    • Loot containers now only store their generated loot when they are opened while before they used to store it when entering a zone and were generated to the current player level
  • Loot generation was changed
    • In Re-Reckoning loot generation rules are altered so that you will more often get items that fit your character's skillset. Loot is mostly randomly generated but we increased the weights of loot that matches the players skill lineup better and we have a virtual counter that increases the chance of better loot drops when you didn‘t find anything good
  • Added a new Difficulty: "Very Hard"
    • Increase Enemy Health and Damage
      • 4 OCT 2020: This is significantly more, almost near 1-shotting at low levels. Even at level 22 with 423 Health you can be killed quickly by only a few attacks.
    • Reduced Player and Ally Health
      • 4 OCT 2020: Level 6 Faer Gorta dies in 3-4 hits
    • Enemies will attack more frequently
    • Maximum Zone Levels are increased
    • Enemy Levels are at a higher level difference than lower difficulties
      • 4 OCT 2020: It looks as though Very Hard locks enemy levels to constantly be Orange difficulty, until you reach the level cap of a zone. Bosses are always Purple. Appears that Webwood/Glendara are locked to a max level of 20-21.


Basic Edition Includes:[]

  • Re-Reckoning base game
  • Both original DLC's (Dead Kel, and Teeth of Naros)
  • All original bonus's which can be found in the Special Delivery Chest

Fate Edition Includes:[]

  • Re-Reckoning Base Game
  • Both original DLC's (Dead Kel, and Teeth of Naros)
  • All original bonus's which can be found in the Special Delivery Chest
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Fatesworn Expansion Addon

Collector's Edition[]

  • Alyn Shir Statue
  • 5 Artworks
  • Amalur Keychain
  • Soundtrack



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