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This page lists all Quests in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Each Quest has a walkthrough on its page.

Enemy Area Level Cap Warning:

Kingdoms of Amalur features an "Area-Level Cap" for enemies, which will permanently lock the enemies in a certain area according to the player's level when he first enters.

As an example, an Area that has an Area Level Range of 2-12 will:

  • never have enemies lower than Lvl. 2 or higher than Lvl. 12
  • lock at Lvl. 2 if you enter with a character of Lvl. 0-2
  • lock at Lvl. 8 if you enter with a character of Lvl. 8
  • lock at Lvl. 12 if you enter with a character of Lvl. 12+

This level will remain for the rest of the game. Dungeons and "Dungeon-Cities" (Cities you have to enter via door and loading screen) have their own level range - often with a higher upper range than the surrounding area - so if you enter a general area (like Webwood), you will only level-lock the outside enemies, not the ones in Dungeons. In short, enemies do not scale to your level, they stay at the level you had when you first entered an area.

This can possibly lead to unintentional "overlevelling" of your character, resulting in boring combat encounters and useless loot. Tips to prevent your character from "overlevelling" and a Spreadsheet with World Map and Dungeon Level Ranges can be found at Area-Level Cap and "Anti-Overlevelling" Guide.

Both DLCs may be an exception to this, with Dead Kel allegedly featuring dynamic scaling to your character's level, although reports have been contradictory.

Main Quest

The Legend of Dead Kel

Teeth of Naros

Side Quests

In alphabetical order:

The Legend of Dead Kel

Teeth of Naros

Faction Quests


House of Ballads


House of Sorrows

House of Valor

Scholia Arcana

Gravehal (The Legend of Dead Kel)