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Kobolds are feral mammalian creatures that mostly inhabit caves, and can sometimes be found in deep forests. Kobolds are incredibly territorial and form tribes with a rigid social hierarchy led by Chieftains. They know how to use tools and weapons, stealth, and craft crude explosives. They hunt in packs and prefer to ambush their targets with a mixture of ranged, melee, and stealth attackers. In the Teeth of Naros expansion, Kobolds live alongside a tribe of Jottuns, implying there may be some level of interracial cooperation amongst Kobolds.


  • Average HP:
  • Resistances: All forms of Kobold take regular damage from all sources
  • Attacks: Spear Stab; Spear Lunge;
  • Location: The Faelands; Teeth of Naros
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Kobolds feature in Germanic myth as spirits in mines who, though sometimes dangerous, were tolerated since their tapping led miners to rich seams of ore.