Lady Oleyn
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Female
Class Rogue
Faction House of Ballads
Rank Lady

Lady Oleyn is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Description[edit | edit source]

Call me Oleyn. The others will never call me anything but Lady Oleyn, Knight of the Golden Knot, Destroyer of Sreng, and Keeper of the Fenian Cycle. I won a seat in the House of Ballads many seasons ago. Back then I was lost, and I desired a new telling, one with meaning. Your kind might call it purpose.

Details[edit | edit source]

Lady Oleyn is one of the seven greatest heroes of the Summer Fae. She saved a village from an epidemic by traveling around and gathering herbs to use to cure the villagers. Afterwards, she traveled around the Faelands and planted seeds of the plants she used to cure the villagers to replace the ones she harvested. The current Oleyn, like the rest of the members of the Ballads is not the original Oleyn, she gained the title by being the first to complete her ballad.

Lady Oleyn's ballad is known as Oleyn, Cureseeker.

Location[edit | edit source]

She is first encountered in the Ballads Oratory in Ettinmere, alongside King Wencen and Queen Belmaid. Once the quest Ballad of Bloody Bones is complete, she returns with Wencen and Belmaid to the Court of Enchantments.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Hero and the Maid

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Hello, I'm Lady Oleyn. What do I call you? I prefer names to titles. Sometimes we here at the House of Ballads can get a little caught up in the veneration. Of course, you're Sagrell now. As it should be. Welcome.
Famor was no friend to his kind even before he was cursed. It is good that Farrara's lot in the Telling is to end the fiend's days. He deserves it.

when asked about Bloody Bones.

It may seem silly to outsiders, but the Court of Enchantments has become very meaningful to the Fae of the Summer Court. Our songs live on despite the decline in magic.

when asked about the Court of Enchantments.

No one knows why it is happening. Not even Hallam the White. Yet every day we can feel it, like a shiver of coming autumn, a deadly frost on the morning air. Me, I believe it is due to what the Tuatha have wrought with their flames of war. The world burns. None of us can escape the cleansing fire.

when asked about the Decline in Magic.

Mortals have kingdoms and tribes and nations. We Fae are connected to one another by a deeper understanding, a magic which we've all been born. The Court of Summer is a circle of elders that - for lack of a better word - governs our kind.

when ask about the Court of Summer.

He is an incredible creature, unique in every way. No other Fae hero has grasped the imagination of our people like he has.

when asked about King Wencen.

I have not met one myself, but there is word that Tuatha have been glimpsed in the shadows of western Dalentarth. Our kind survives by the grace of nature, and there is nothing natural about the Tuatha. When the roots are poisoned the fruit spoils on the vine.

when asked about the Tuatha.

During 'The Hero and the Maid':

I remember being in the Court... and then only darkness. How did we get here?

once you set her free from the Maid's curse (succeeding in dispelling attempt).

She took us all, swept away from the House of Ballads and here to Castle Windemere. Since then, I've been veiled by the darkness, as if in a dream.

when asked about the Court of Enchantments.

We know only the flow of the Telling, how it moves from beginning to end, from despair to rapture. Victory is our language. It is what we are. How can there be a House of Ballads built on defeat? It is unthinkable.

when asked about the House of Ballads.

There is more to her than we ever anticipated. She possesses a strength, an instinct for survival that is almost mortal. She frightens me.

when asked about the Maid of Windemere.

Please, leave me be. My head is filled with cloud.

Once completed 'The Hero and the Maid' (if you stayed true to the House):

Greetings, my highness. Let me be the first to swear to you my sword, my loyalty, and all the seasons of my telling. You came for us when no one else could, and you saved me. For that I will forever lift you up in song.

upon your meeting at the House of Ballads.

It is difficult to envision the Court and its mission without Wencen; but we will carry on, as does the Telling. It is our duty as knights of the Summer Court.
The fear in him surprised us all. It was not a characteristic of past kings, and not becoming of a leader. Still, he was a kind creature, but flawed... even mortal.

when asked about King Wencen.

The tradition of the Cureseeker will continue through, and through the next maiden to take my seat. She will learn this new Telling as I have learned the old one.

when asked about herself.

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