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This small book contains neatly ordered script, pressed firmly into thick vellum pages.


The Journal of Lerkara Fel

This cursed village is so caught up in the Tuatha at their door, they have become blind to the monster within their midst! An entire family has been slaughtered, several more individuals gone missing, and untold travelers pulled from the roads... and they do nothing...

Attempted to gain an audience with Lord Kandrian today, again. Was refused at the gate, again. Idiots.

This case continues to surprise. No clue is consistent -- some of the wounds appear to be from tooth, or claw, but blood spray on the walls of the victims' home could have been made from a large blade, such as a greatsword. Numerous individuals have gone missing, but only two corpses have ever been found. Where are the others?

Patrick Morkan knows more than he is telling. If I can just get into his basement, perhaps I can uncover something more. At least the innkeeper, Master Dace, has been helpful in providing me with supplies and directions regarding the local area.

A place he mentioned to me over dinner toight -- the cave of Tulan -- I think I will search there tomorrow. It might be connected to an old network of passageways that lead underneath the town. Perhaps I will find evidence of whatever is taking these villagers there.


  • WARNING: This item cannot be sold or transferred to stash once obtained.
  • This book contains background relevant to the quest "The Unquiet Bride."


Lerkaras Journal

Lerkara's Journal