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This letter is addressed to a woman named Wilda and appears to be stamped with the royal seal of the House Gastyr, a great Alfar noble familiy.


Letter from Lord Erran Gastyr

My Dearest Wilda,
Please forgive me for what I have done. Of only you knew how much this revelation haunts me, how my evenings are lit by the somber light of my shame. You deserve better. But I am a man of office, and I cannot recognize your little Brun as one of my kin. It is not to be, as we are not to be. But you do forever occupy a place in my heart, and to show you affection, please accept the gift of land, gold, and the title. They are little comfort in this lonely time, but they are all a coward can provide. Forever your lord,


This letter provides background for Brun, the main NPC in the quest Brun the Bard.


It is obtained during the completion of the side quest Brun the Bard - In order to access the room in which the letter is found, the side quest The Last Gastyr must be started (and completed).