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This dusty letter is sealed with wax and stamped with a mysterious sigil.


Your Grace

I had been told that the Dverga were a coarse and artless people, incapable of imagining -let alone creating- true beauty. One need but look upon the miraculous thing they have erected at the center of this inhospitable island wilderness to call into question all assumptions and prejudice. The keep they have carved out of the woods is an awesome sight. Both improbably and impractically tall, it is visible from the sea when approaching on a sufficiently clear day. Towering above the tree line, it creates the convincing illusion that it is an outgrowth of the forest that surrounds it. It is as if the island itself had constructed it.

Maybe the sublimity of the Dvergan style has eluded me until now, or maybe their distinctive favor of dark woods and maritime motifs has never before had such a proper backdrop. Regardless, I hope my words properly conjure for you the sight I have beheld.

Most impressive of all and -his lordship tells me- his reason for inviting me here is the keep's library. Eagerly did he show me the cavernous room's high airy ceilings and cleverly louvred windows that flood the reading room with light while never subjecting any scholar within to the direct glare of the sun. But it was the collection he had begun to amass that fascinated me most. Already, I attest he has assembled the most complete collection of ancient Erathi texts and epic poems. Moreover, the island's curious propensity for attracting shipwrecks has delivered unto it most diverse examples of writings from around the kingdoms. I cannot claim to have ever encountered a single familiar volume.

His lordship does, true to his claim, seem dedicated to the preservation and restoration of these books and making them available to any who care to visit his newly tamed realm. I urge the Archsage hence, to visit at the first opportunity.