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A private correspondence.


Dearest Conrad,

There are no excuses for what I have done. I will not insult you by claiming that there is. You know me. I never would have made this decision without much deliberation.

Years have passed, my friend, years that I could have spent with my beloved kin. You and I shared many beautiful days, and those hours will never be far from me. I will need every bright memory to do what is expected of me.

I know that Dead Kel is a villain. I have not forgotten that. But he will get what he wants, through whatever coercion is his to employ. If not me, then another will volunteer for service, or be tortured into it. At least I make the decision knowingly, willingly, and with a plan.

I will create these minions for Dead Kel, and then he will transport me to the Obsidian Isle, where I can arrange for passage home. Do you understand, Conrad? I will have a chance to return to the life that was taken from me. It's what we always talked about, what we dreamed of through every long island night.

One day you will find your happiness, too, whether it's beyond the waves or here on Gallows End. I take a piece of you with me.