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This hastily written letter is almost indecipherable.


In my final moments I think of nothing else. We are together.

I had such plans for us. I have the key, you see, the key to Gravehal Keep, most prized of domiciles, the jewel in the Dvergan crown. I came upon it in my explorations, deep in the standing waters of Undersea Fasting.

It is such an unassuming thing. We could have returned to Gallows End and lived like Templars, our every whim within reach. Alas, it is not to be, and the key will do me no good when I am dead. I left it with the architect, the one in the village. He is one of us, and I truly believe that he will do great things.

It could have been ours, but so many things were taken from us. What is one more?

Live on dear Nette,



The Letter to Nette can be found upon Ares Helvern's corpse inside the Siren's Den on the island of Gallows End.