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A personal letter written on the back of an old Motus Mining Production Report.


Dear Varik

Don't worry about me. I am in good hands. The Cynrics are a riotous lot, but no more than any of the rest of us. They still have some honor, despite their recent villainy. It's a shame they've had to fall so far simply to stay alive. Isn't that the way of Apotyre?

I will be in touch, my friend. If anyone asks about me, send them away from the Quarry, even our allies. I can't risk having that snake Eswin discover my location. Unchecked, he will stop at nothing to crush all of Whitestone under his well manicured thumb. City-dwellers. What was that old joke? "How can you tell if a man's a noble? Check his

Be well, Varik. You will be hearing from me soon.

Your friend,



  • The Initials A.S. stand for Adath Skoria, and this letter addresses Adath's brother Varik Skoria, and explains his disappearance.
  • The letter provides some background information for the quest Opening a Vein.
  • It's unclear if the missing answer to the joke in the second paragraph is intentionally censored or has been omitted because of a bug.
  • Potential answer: If the Fateless One is an Almain, one of the gnomes says something along the lines of "Human. Almain by the looks of [him/her]. Know how you can tell? Roll [him/her] over and see if there's a stick up [his/her] ass."