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Lia Talwist is a Dokkalfar soldier that can be found just outside Rathir. She is eager to re-join the war front.

Lia is also a merchant and she sells the following items:

Consumables Misc


Lia can be found just outside of Rathir.


Did you think the whole army was across the water in Klurikon? No, I'm afraid some of us are stuck here in Dolve Arne and Rathir.

upon your first encounter with her.

The Freemen are a rogue group of our own soldiers, who have grown disenfranchised by the war and decided it's easier to cause trouble at home than keep the Tuatha at bay.

when asked about the Freemen.

Used to belong to House Arne. But that soft sot that inherited wanted nothing to do with it. His loss, the army's gain.

when asked about Dolve Arne.

While it's true we Alfar lead, many humans proudly fill our ranks. All mortals unite against the damned Tuatha Fae.

when asked about the Alfar Army.

They're not mortal, for one. Nor sane, either. I've seen them, first hand.

when asked about the Tuatha Fae.

I know they're as cooped up there as we are here. But someday the siege will lift. I want to be there when it does.

when asked about Klurikon.