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A sturdy book whose pages have yellowed somewhat.


The Life of Tine Delfric

How many accolades and honors have been piled upon the life of the Warsworn Order's presiding ancient, Tine Delfric?

In his youth he was famed not only for his fearlessness and daring exploits, but for his measured hand. Garreth Rill, the mad Fae Forsythe, and Sisterhood of Smoke are but three of the enemies of order and law that he vanquished.

But Ancient Delfric truly proved himself many years after any of these victories, when Ancient of War Auldstone died, and two figures rose to fight for leadership of the order. In the end neither Kreka Wavecrest nor Trilling Frost would become the next Ancient of War. Because Tine Delfric stood and spoke when none others dared, the cowardly corruption of Frost was shone to all, and the other Castellans were forced to swallow their pride and accept the Varani Kreka as Helmgard's Castellan. The twenty years following was known as the time of the triumvirate, when the three Castellans ruled in accord.

At the end of the twenty years, strife again threatened the Warsworn: now Tine himself contended against Kreka for Ancient of War. But, as Lupoku intervened, the menace of Lackor The Bull arose in Dalentarth. It took the entire order to bring him and his enchanted army to justice; when the day was done, impulsive Kreka had taken a mortal wound, while Tine's careful tactics had run Lackor into a tight place from which there was no escape. On her deathbed, Kreka blessed Tine's promotion, and he has guided us through readiness and war since that day.