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Lightning Damage

Lightning damage is one of the three types of major elemental damage in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, along with Fire and Ice. It can be found in abilities, random weapons, or added via components and gems. It is mitigated by lightning resistance and elemental resistance.

Lightning can have the benefits of stunning its target and possibly of chaining to other targets. When stunned, an enemy is temporarily immobilized and vulnerable to attacks.

In many cases, Lightning damage is often accompanied with Shocking damage.

Shocking Damage[]

Shocking Damage typically accompanies Lightning Damage. Whilst sparks continue to flicker around the target the Shocking damage is still active and has a chance to propagate or jump between enemies within 6 meters. If the lightning does cross over to another target it has a 33% chance to interrupt enemies and a 17% chance to stagger them. The chances of propagation occurring and the damage inflicted can be increased by investing in the Chain Lightning Sorcery ability.




Weapons such as Staffs, Sceptres, and Chakrams may have native Lightning Damage capability; these respectively require a Shock Rod, Shock Dowel, or Shock Disc. If one custom-creates these weapons through Blacksmithing, one can also add Lightning Damage to the weapons by using the relevant Handles (for chakrams of scepters) or Shafts (for staffs).

Other weapons can also be designed to deliver Lightning damage, through the use of the relevant components or through the addition of Weapon Gems.


Weapon Gems


The Fateless One can also use potions to add lightning damage to their weapons for a short period of time:


  • Standing in water has no effect on the usability of or damage done by Lightning damage or Shocking damage. The Fateless One, as well as his/her enemies, can stand in a pool of water and even launch a Tempest without suffering any harm themselves.