Lightning in a Bottle
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Quest Giver Eran Methneen
Location Scholia Arcana - Main Hall
Prerequisite Shardfall (quest)
Next Quest A Crowded Mind
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

Lightning in a Bottle is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Eran Methneen in the main hall of the Scholia Arcana in Rathir.
  • Head west to Skycrown caves in south-west Galafor.
  • Fight and avoid the traps on your way through the caverns to Skycrown Peak.
  • Fight through the Ettin and Wolves on the summit to Aethan Engar.
  • Talk to Aethan who will say that he has been fighting off "her" for some time now and that he is no longer able to fend off "her" attacks. After a brief moment and sombre farewell Aethan will then summon a powerful lightning spell, killing himself.
  • Return out and track his body south. In the far southwest of western Kandrian, and you will find Aethan in a giant crater. He is also possessed, so another round of talking and then fighting ("Aethan" will summon sprites to fight with "him").
  • After fighting Aethan loot his body to retrieve the Stones of Sun and Storm.
  • Fast travel back to Rathir and talk to Eran Methneen, he will tell you to go talk to Archsage Caledus for your next quest A Crowded Mind and give you your reward (level-dependent XP, but no Gold).


Some notable loot found includes:


After Aethan Engar is thrown into the far distance by his lightning attack avoid fast traveling to his body as after the first jump point (to the south) you will find a skeleton and an unlocked chest.


  • It is possible to attack Aethan Engar right after the dialogue with him on the Skycrown Peak. In this case, he'll stay and fight you rather than commit a "lightning suicide". After you defeat him, the body cannot be looted but it will soon revive and walk around ignoring you (unless you attack it again). This does not seem to prevent the quest from progressing: as soon as you reach the gorge in western Kandrian, the body is miraculously there.



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