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Now that I've got what I came for I'm leaving Apotyre. Too many memories. Almost all of them bad.


Lina Ardeen is a Ljosalfar who became a Traveler after her parents left Apotyre due to work opportunities vanishing due to depletion of the area's tyrenium mines.


Lina Ardeen is at Sun Camp and is the only one to remain after the Travelers faction questline is completed.


Missing Keys


She is the only Traveler that will remain at Sun Camp after Thick as Thieves quest and likely to be killed by the gnomish sentinels.


It wasn't my life plan to become a Traveler, believe me. But sometimes necessity is the only star you follow. My parents were miners, and worked themselves to the bone to provide. When the tyrenium dried up, so did they, you could say. I didn't want to leave Apotyre. So I stayed.

when asked about herself

Some of us join because we have to. Others expect it to be an adventure. We're a patchwork, really. A glorious patchwork of imperfection.

when asked about the Travelers

It's a good town. Or... it was, before the Motus disaster and the mercenaries. I have fond memories of Whitestone. I used to buy candy at Varik's place. Simpler times.

when asked about Whitestone