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I've a sister in the Scholia Arcana. You could say that her love of old and wondrous things took a different turn than mine.


Lirin Cynric holds the rank Keeper of Documents in Ironfast Keep. He has great knowledge about the history of the Warsworn. Not only the times of the mercenaries, and their new creed, but also of the Firstsworn and the legendary tales of old.

He provides more information about the legacy of the firstsworn warriors like Eamonn, Eagonn and Caerwyn.


Lirin Cynric is located in Ironfast Keep, in the "scholar's archive" area. The area contains an Alchemical Lab.


Caerwyn was daughter of Eagonn, who was son of Eamonn. Each of them greater than the last.
Some call him the last hero. Others, the first sellsword. Say what you like, he saved our Order from the brink of irrelevance. Ballegar had a clear vision of our future: honorable work fighting for hire. As for our past, it went to the Chronicler Dorian, so it would not be forgotten.

when asked about Ballegar.

Caerwyn was Eagonn's daughter, and the only person who surpassed him in armed combat. She died by trachery, so we swear upon her blood, which should never have been spilled.

when asked about Caerwyn.

First Runere, or Chronicler, of the Warsworn. He wrote histories and tales of the Firstsworn. Though... it is said he left some things untold. Secrets kept for the Warsworn only.

when asked about Dorian the Chronicler.

Eamonn taught his son Eagonn the secrets of fighting Niskaru and of crafting Warsworn arms and armor. There was some kind of magic in it, though magic was unknown to humans then.

when asked about Eamonn and Eagonn.

Our founders were no mercenaries. They were great heroes who slayed Niskaru and battled evil mages. Eamonn, Eagonn, Caerwyn, all the Firstsworn Champions right until the Second Oath.

when asked about the Firstsworn.

Caerwyn had been dead nearly seventy years and the last Niskaru had gone from the western Faelands. It was a time of crisis for the order: find a purpose or fade away. Then Ballegar stood forth and pledged us to honorable work. He made us what we are today: mercenaries.

when asked about the Second Oath.

Up in Helmgard Keep, they'll tell you we're just fighters in fine armor. But it's not true. We bear the legacy of the Firstsworn. We still swear our Oaths in their names!

when asked about the Warsworn.