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This scroll describes one of the Kollossae rituals performed in worship of Ethene.


Primos: Glory to Ethene, the wisest of gods, and blessed are we, her children. In the name of Ethene we pray to the heavens and give thanks and praise. Holy Ethene bless us as we bear witness to your works, and gather together today in worship; for it is in your presence that we are ascendant, o Ethene on high.

Congregation: We praise your name, Ethene.

Primos: Glory to Ethene, the mother and protector of Idylla, who watches over us and guides us with her wisdom. It is by your power Ethene, that we live above the savagery of the highest mountains, and the drudgeries of the darkest valleys. We cherish your gift and make all of our city your monument.

Congregation: Guide us and protect us, Ethene.

Primos: Glory to Ethene, the source of all inspiration, for in her we find everlasting beauty. Her love shines upon us and fills us with her majesty. Our expressions reflect your greatness, Ethene, and our works are tribute to your endless magnificence. Only through her do we create.

Congregation: Bless us with your inspiration, Ethene.

Primos: We bring these before you, o Ethene, and herald your wisdom to all, so that your beauty shines in the heavens, and your words ring throughout the land.