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A volume from the chronicles of the Dokkalfar people.


Plaguetimes, Burning, and a New Day

After many years of peace there arose in Rathir the tyrant queen Ciara Sydanus. Little may be said of this Ljosalfar magistrix, except that her reign of terror was called by some the Plaguetimes, for many among the city fell ill during the magical struggle against her. This sickness spread and spread, until it was feared more than the Sydanus herself, and it ended only when the fires came, which ruined much of the city and caused many deaths. Miraculously, The Burning, as it is known, relieved the ailment. No more fell sick and the sick grew better. At last the tyrant queen Sydanus was defeated, and the Scholia Arcana established thereafter.

The abuses of the old system that had allowed Sydanus to seize rule of Rathir and exert her will without reason or restraint was much discussed during this time. And though since the time of Anathon, one mage had always ruled the Orbocant, whose name was known to all, it was agreed there should be a change. So that no one would ever seek a seat for vainglorious ambition, the council was made secret to all but themselves and the Elund, who speaks for them. And so that none hold more sway than another, each member of the Orbocant was deemed an equal, and none superior.

Six hundred years have passed since the Plaguetimes and the Burning, and Rathir has proved the wisdom of these acts. Spiretop and spirebase live in peaceful harmony under the harmony of Lyria's wisdom.