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A volume of Dokkalfar religious text.


Stations of the Day

BREAK OF DAY: Rise and make ablutions. Face spireward, for the spire is our great gift from Lyria.

Reflect on the image of Beyala Tirin, standing by the bluff and beholding the spire for the first time by the first light of day. Look into yourself and ask what pilgrimage you are now upon, and ask yourself, with this new day, if you have reached your destination.

MID-MORNING: This station is requisite only to Brothers and Sisters of Lyria actively in the temple. Gather yourself and repeat the thirteen revelations of the creed. Find a quiet place and take three calm and focusing breaths.

SUN-AT-APEX: Find an image of Our Most Beloved Goddess Lyria and say heartfelt prayer to her. Use any hymn or one of the thirteen creeds. At this time turn to any of your sister and brother mortals and greet them kindly.

Reflect on the image of Beyala Tirin, standing among our people on the Plains. Look into yourself and ask what service you have done for your neighbor today, and what you might do with the remaining day.

MID-DAY: Touch no gold or items of value. Take food or sustenance and water for drink.

SETTING SUN: Make the sign of the Two Paths and fix your eyes between them. Speak no words as you do not but listen instead. Anything you hear at this time may be an omen or sign of things to come.

EVENSONG: Prepare for end of day. Turn your back to the spire, for we must rely on our own powers and not take Lyria's gifts for granted.

Reflect on the image of Beyala Tirin tearing her robes to make bandages and tend her wounded kindred. Look into yourself and ask what you have given freely and wholly. Consider that you hold that you might free into the world.

DARK OF NIGHT: Unless duty prohibits, bathe and lay yourself to bed. Sleep is also a gift of Lyria's grace.