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These are the tips showed on the loading screens of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Loading Screen Tips from Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning


  • Invest in the Brutal Weaponry, Precise Weaponry, or Arcane Weaponry abilities to unlock a variety of special attacks with your favored weapons.
  • Invest in the 'Mastery' abilities (Longsword Mastery, Staff Mastery, etc.) for whichever weapons you're using and you'll maximize your damage.
  • One Ability from the Sorcery tree will allow you to summon an upgradable minion to aid you in combat.
  • Some Abilities will have different effects if you hold or rapidly tap the button. Try experimenting!
  • Sustained Abilities like Envenomed Edge can be unmapped while they're turned on. This lets you keep their effects, but free up an ability slot.
  • Sustained Abilities use up a portion of your mana bar for as long as they are active.
  • While using a Longbow, you have limited number of arrows you can fire without a break. Invest in Longbow Mastery and other bow abilities to increase your shot limit.


  • Check out the Moves page on the pause menu to preview various special attacks and abilities.
  • Don't forget that you can bring up the Item Radial TAB to pause the game and quickly access Potions and other usable items while in combat.
  • In combat, mobility is often the key to success. Press SPACE to quickly roll out of (or into!) the fray.
  • In the midst combat, you can press R to quickly drink a health potion, or E for a mana potion.
  • Kite Shields, Bucklers, and Talismans allow you to parry your enemy's attacks. Try timing your block for the moment right before impact.
  • Perform well in combat -- mixing up your Abilities and special attacks -- and you'll earn more Fate energy!
  • Some rogues and assassins are agile enough to dodge your arrows. Try using magic to defeat them, or engage them in melee!
  • Summoners can strengthen and heal their minions. If you see one, act quickly!
  • Weaken enemies with a Poison effect and their attacks will do less damage.
  • When in Reckoning mode, try to defeat as many enemies as you can before you Fateshift one. Fateshifting one will destroy ALL unraveling enemies and grant a huge experience bonus.
  • When sneaking, pay attention to which way your enemy is facing. You're much less likely to be spotted if you avoid his or her line of sight.
  • When surrounded by foes, a defensive strategy can keep you alive. Hold SHIFT to block most enemy attacks.
  • Wielding Daggers allow you to perform special 'execution' attacks on your enemies if you sneak up behind them undetected.


  • Burning damage will cause some enemies to panic.
  • Freezing damage will slow opponents. Try using weapons or abilities that cause Freezing against quick, nimble adversaries.
  • Most weapons deal some amount of base Physical damage, which is effective versus all types of enemies.
  • Piercing damage will penetrate armor, making it very effective versus heavily armored enemies or beasts with a thick hide.
  • Some enemies are resistant -- or even immune -- to certain kinds of damage. Damage that enemies are resistant to will appear as red numbers.
  • Some enemies are weak to certain kinds of damage. Damage that enemies are vulnerable to will appear as white numbers.
  • You can zap nearby enemies with Shocking damage. Try using Shocking attacks against large groups.


  • If you are afflicted by a Curse or Disease and don't have the means to cure it yourself, a Healer may be able to help you.
  • Inflict the Bleeding effect on your enemies and they will take extra damage from physical attacks.
  • Keep an eye out for Shrines as you explore the wilderness. The blessings they provide, while temporary, can be very powerful.
  • Twists of Fate may be unlocked by completing certain quests. They grant permanent boosts to your stats which are active at all times.


  • Be careful taking owned items, attacking civilians, or trespassing in places that don't belong to you. If you're seen, someone may call the guards!
  • If you commit a crime and are caught by the guards, you might end up in a prison cell. If you can't escape you'll have to serve your sentence, and that costs XP.
  • If you're seem committing a crime, the local populace may become angry. Leave town for a while, though, and they'll calm down.
  • Tired of that annoying peasant who just won't give you respect? Attack and press H when prompted to turn Aggressive mode and begin a crime spree!


  • Enemies with orange names are more dangerous than most.
  • If you see an enemy with a red name, you're in an area you're not ready for yet. Explore elsewhere and level up in order to return and fight on more equal terms.


  • A Thresh is dangerous even on its own, but when surrounded by Boggart minions they become far more deadly.
  • Boggarts are made of wood. Try using fire against them!
  • Even the smallest Niskaru are deadly opponents. Do not underestimate them!
  • Giant Spiders are highly poisonous. Items or abilities that grant you poison resistance are very helpful when fighting them.
  • Niskaru Bloodhunters enter a berserker rage when they smell fresh blood.
  • Sprites gain additional abilities in the presence of a Champion. Watch out for mixed groups of Sprite Champions!
  • Trolls are highly resistant to most types of magic. Try using physical damage or poison against them.
  • Trolls are vicious in close quarters combat. Either attack them from afar, or be prepared to dodge their attacks!


  • If you find a piece of equipment with a socket in it, you're in luck. Visit a Sagecraft Altar and you can socket a Gem in the item to enchant it.
  • The condition of your weapons and armor will degrade over time through use, eventually becoming useless. Visit a Blacksmith or use a Repair Kit to keep your equipment in good conditions.


  • For the greatest protection from physical attacks, wear metal armor and a kite shield.
  • If you don't have enough mana to use your Abilities as often as you'd like, try wearing cloth armor to boost your mana regeneration.
  • Some armor pieces are part of a set. The more pieces you wear from the same set, the larger the benefits you'll receive!
  • Talismans provide less protection from physical attacks than a Kite Shield or Buckler, but they greatly increase your resistance to elemental damage.
  • The fluidity of movement afforded by leather, trollhide, and dreadscale armor lets you maximize the damage of your critical hits.


  • Equip the Sceptre to hurl bursts of elemental energy from afar and destroy your foes without wading into melee range. Just remember that each shot costs mana!
  • Faeblades take their name from the Fae, who crafted them and have mastered their use in battle. Incredibly fast and lethal, they are weapons for aggressive combatants that allow the wielder to wade into the midst of many foes, dealing death to all around.
  • Ideal for mid-range combat, Chakrams are magical discs infused with elemental energy that always return to the wielder when thrown.
  • The Greatsword is the slowest of all melee weapons, but also the most damaging. It's made for broad, sweeping attacks.
  • The Hammer is a heavy weapon with high potential for damage, trading speed for mighty crushing blows.
  • The Longbow is a superb ranged weapon, allowing you to fire both quick shots and more powerful charged shots while still moving about the battlefield.
  • The Longsword is a well-rounded, versatile weapon that can be relied upon in almost any melee situation.
  • The Staff is the definitive weapon of spellcasters, allowing the wielder to deal elementally-charged destruction over a large area.
  • When using Daggers, you trade power and reach for speed and precision. This makes Daggers highly effective against a single target.
  • Some weapons work better together than others. Try experimenting with different weapon classes to find powerful new combinations!

Game Options[]

  • Too easy? Too hard? You can change your difficulty setting at any time by visiting the Options menu.
  • Turn on Helmet Hiding in the Options menu if you'd like to see your character's face at all times while still getting your helmet's bonuses.


  • Hit the inventory limit? You can sell items to a merchant, or destroy them outright from your Junk screen.
  • Most merchants won't buy stolen goods. If you're carrying stolen items, you'll need to find a 'fence' among the Travelers to buy them from you.
  • Prismere Lockpicks are highly valuable one-shot items that can get you through almost any lock.
  • Shadow Prisms can be used to distract patrolling guards while you sneak by.
  • The color of an item's name tells you how rare it is. White named items are common, greens are infrequent, blues are rare, purples are unique, and golds are part of a set.
  • The power of a Shard is determined by its clarity: Cloudy Shards are the weakest, Lambent Shards are better, and Pristine Shards are the best.
  • The 'Special Deliveries' chest in Gorhart village is the drop-off point for new Downloadable Content items you've purchased.
  • Want to carry more stuff? Certain merchants in the world sell Backpacks which will increase your inventory limit.
  • You can only carry so many items. Try putting items you don't want into your Junk pile and then selling them all at once the next time you visit a merchant.


  • Gnomish society consists of three castes: Scholars, Templars, and Praetorians.
  • The Amaldor of the Warsworn is counseled by the Ancient of War, while the Marshal ensures the organization is supplied. The Commander strengthens ties with the Warsworn's allies.
  • The Dverga are the ultimate masters of the sea, known throughout Amalur as the best shipbuilders and sailors.
  • The Ljosalfar and Dokkalfar were once one and the same people; now separated by philosophical differences.
  • The Scholia Arcana is an organization of mages dedicated to the exploration of the arcane, and mystical occurrences throughout Amalur.
  • The Seelie Fae are bonded to the land the inhabit and often reflect the nature of the land.
  • The Travelers are renowned as the greatest thieves of the Faelands. Their camp in Dalentarth, the Plains of Erathell, and Detyre are open to all.
  • The Tuatha Deohn are named after the Unseelie equivalent of King Ysa: Lord Ohn.
  • The Varani were named after the Jottun word roughly translated as 'traveler' or 'trader'.
  • Whenever founding a new colony, one of the first building constructed by Almain is a temple to Mitharu.
  • Whereas the Seelie Fae represent growth, the Unseelie Fae embody the natural decay of all things.


  • Alchemy Workbenches allow you to produce your own potions, provided you have the necessary reagents and Alchemy skill.
  • Be careful tempering with wards if you haven't invested in the Dispelling skill. Failing to Dispel the more powerful wards can be deadly!
  • Blacksmithing allows you to salvage components from weapons or armor pieces you don't want, and use them to craft something new!
  • Defeating enemies while in Reckoning mode will sometimes yield a special reagent, the Essence of Fate, which can be used to create the most powerful alchemical Potions.
  • Forges allow you to salvage components or craft your own equipment, provided you have the necessary components and Blacksmithing skill.
  • If you get caught by the guards for a crime, you can often bribe them to look the other way. Invest in the Persuasion skill to reduce the cost of bribes.
  • Invest in Alchemy to harvest Reagents more easily and concoct powerful Potions.
  • Invest in the Stealth skill, the Assassin's Art ability on the Finesse tree, and wield daggers if you want to be the ultimate assassin.
  • Investing in different skills -- especially Persuasion -- can open up new options in dialogue.
  • Make sure to check out any books you may find as you explore. Some will provide permanent boosts to your Skills!
  • Persuasion options in dialogue always have a % chance of working. Invest in the Persuasion skill to increase your odds of success.
  • Sagecraft Altars allow you to combine Shards into Gems, provided you have the necessary level of Sagecraft skill.
  • Socketed a Gem in an item and changed your mind? Visit a Sagecrafter and you can separate the two for a fee. With enough points in Sagecraft, you can do this yourself!
  • Sometimes a frontal assault isn't the best choice. Try investing in the Stealth skill and sneaking C around your enemies.
  • The higher your Lockpicking skill, the more likely you are to succeed at picking locks, and the less likely you are to break a lockpick if you fail.
  • To get the best deals, make sure to invest in the Mercantile skill. Buy for less and sell for more!
  • Want to advance in a skill immediately, without waiting to level up? Visit a Trainer. They'll lighten your pockets, but expand your mind.
  • Want to find all the secrets spread across the world of Amalur? Make sure to invest in the Detect Hidden skill!
  • With enough points invested in Detect Hidden skill, you can disarm traps and extract their components for use in Blacksmithing.
  • With enough points invested in the Sagecraft skill, you can merge two identical Shards to create a better quality Shard. Remember: better Shards make better Gems.
  • With Gems, you can enhance your equipment. Invest in the Sagecraft skill to use the most powerful ones, and even craft your own!

The Faelands[]

  • Fastings are mud and timber bunkers constructed by the Dverga for shipbuilding and defense. In wartime, these deep. complex tunnel systems are nearly impenetrable.
  • Seek out every Lorestone you can. In addition to finding out more about the world, you'll receive XP bonuses. Find every Lorestone in a set and you'll earn an additional bonus.
  • You can only Fast Travel to places you've already discovered. Explore the world to discover more and more locations.


  • Alabastra is home to the Unseelie Fae and the Court of Winter.
  • Detyre is home to the richest mineral deposits in all the Faelands.
  • Klurikon is a diverse landscape of dark forests, treacherous marshes, and sheer cliffs.
  • Located in a giant crater, Adessa is the seat of knowledge and learning for the Gnomes in the Faelands.
  • Nested in the ancient stones of the Teeth are hidden works of art and worship. Some were carved by mortal hands - but others were built before any walked these mountains.
  • Rathir is the capital city of the Dokkalfar -- dark elves -- within the Faelands.
  • Situated in a festering pit called 'The Midden' the House of Sorrows is a collective of Winter Fae who are currently at odds with the Tuatha.
  • The city of The Gardens of Ysa was grown by hand rather than built.
  • The fortress city of Mel Senshir was established long ago as a trading post.
  • The House of Valor, known as the jewel of Detyre, is an excellent place for gladiators and gamblers to make a living.
  • The mighty trees of Dalentarth are nurtured by the waters of The font in the Gardens of Ysa.
  • The Plains of Erathell are home to the most potent magical energies in the Faelands.

The Fateless One[]

  • Don't like your current Destiny? Press ESC and go to the Destinies screen to embrace a different one.
  • Every time you level up, your maximum health and mana will increase based on how many points you've invested in the ability trees.
  • For the best results, match your Destiny to your play style. If you like wielding a staff and slinging spells, a Sorcery Destiny is ideal.
  • If you want to completely rebuild your character, you can seek out a Fateweaver and pay them to Unbind your Destiny. This will reset all of your Skill and Ability points.
  • Resting in a bed is a good way to recover your health.
  • Some areas offer a house you can purchase and upgrade. Each house contains a shared Stash for storing your items and a Mirror where you can re-customize your appearance.
  • Your choice of Destiny can affect even the most basic aspects of combat. Choosing the Seer Destiny, for instance, replaces your roll with a short-range teleport!


  • The Loading Screen Tip for Greatswords is not actually true, as Hammers are even slower.