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Longsword is a type of melee weapon available to the Fateless One in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Using measured, focused attacks, the longsword is a close-range weapon, good at disrupting and focusing down single enemies. Being part of the Might-based weapon set, they are intended for use by fighter-style characters, and are bolstered by the Brutal Weaponry and Longsword Mastery passives in the Might ability tree.

Damage Characteristics[]

Longswords will always have a base damage consisting of Physical Damage and Piercing Damage, with approximately a 3/1 split ratio favoring physical.

They have an Average attack speed, making them the fastest of the Might weapons, but slower than any of the Finesse weapons.

They have the Most combat moves available for those who invest fully in the Brutal Weaponry series of abilities, equal to the number available to Faeblades and Daggers.

They have a Moderate damage output per hit, being weaker than all other Might weapons, compensating for their versatile moveset and attack speed. They are, however, more damaging than any of the Finesse melee weapons.

Longsword Abilities[]

The Fateless One can learn new attack techniques with the longsword by investing in the Brutal Weaponry series of abilities, and can increase damage delivered by the use of longsword by investing in the Longsword Mastery ability.

  • Upheaval: Attack -> Pause -> Attack to perform a 2-part attack that launches an enemy into the air.
  • Comet Strike: Hold and release to dash into and slash your foes.
  • Phantom Edge: Attack while blocking to duck under enemy attacks followed by a strong slash.
  • Horizon Edge: Attack while dodging to slice across multiple enemies.
  • Riposte - After a timed parry, attack to perform a stylish combo.

Other abilities not specific solely to the Longsword, such as Blade Honing and Envenomed Edge, can also be applied to increase damage delivered.

Crafting Longswords[]

Main article: Blacksmithing

The Fateless One can craft longswords at any Blacksmithing Forge by using a blade and a hilt; rivets and grips are optional components. With sufficient skill, mastercrafted longswords that offer a bonus percentage to total damage can be created.

The Fateless One can also disassemble existing longswords for salvage, recovering some of the above-mentioned components.

List of Common Longswords[]

List of Unique Longswords[]