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I am Callor, Guardian of the Cradle. Terenia and I safeguard what has never needed protecting... until now. With our weakening magic, the Fae must tend to our own.


Lord Callor is a Summer Fae that can be found at the Deep Slumber within the Cradle of Summer.



Are you one of the intruders, one of the Children of the Dust? What else can we possibly give you that you haven't already taken? The Cradle of Summer is not a flower for the plucking.

upon your first encounter.

Mortals. Children of the Dust. Those who seek only to steal the treasures of the land from which we sprung, to end the Deep Slumber. Mortals, like you, who seek to bend nature to their will, to make it bow before them as a servant, not embrace it as a guide and mother. Mortals. Thieves, liars, and weaklings. They have stolen items of great power. They have stolen the three staffs.

when asked: What intruders do you mean?

They are Rivener Trasus, Gloamfrost, and Ender's Fire, three incredible weapons forged to end a war that was threatening to engulf your mortal world. Such prizes - such items of power and importance - cannot be kept in the open, and so they were hidden here. That is, until the intruders took them.

when asked: What are the staff?

A Child of the Dust wishes to help the Cycle? Why, there is no precedent... If you truly wish to assist those of us in the Deep Slumber, you are welcome to. The three staffs were stolen from Syl hollow and destroyed by the thieves who did not comprehend their power, or their value. I heard their dying screams. The pieces must be recovered and the staffs must be re-forged. If you can do this, you are more worthy of the Cradle than I could imagine. But likely you will not.

when asked: Can I help?

It is for those answers that I seek the wisdom of the slumber, for it is in the Reverie where I will learn the whereabouts of these thieves: Raff, Purta, and Hagni.

when asked: Where can I find the pieces?

It is the most powerful form of the Fae reverie, a connection between our people and our birthplace of Esharra, the realm from which all magic is born. We in the Cradle of Summer slumber to protect this sacred place. We draw energy from our homeland and use it to maintain the barriers that keep out the beasts and men.

when asked about the Deep Slumber

For many seasons we have protected this sacred space from the darkening influence of the mortal world, for it is here where we Summer Fae first set foot in Amalur. But with the rise of the Tuatha, the magical barriers protecting the Cradle of Summer have weakened. If this continues, nothing is safe from the blight of winter.

when asked about the Cradle of Summer.

They were wielded during the long twilight of the Withering War. Those three weapons uprooted mountains and left the lush Plain forsaken. They are the lightning, the fire, and the ice. They are precious, and while their magic has weakened in these fell lands, they are still cherished and must be returned.

when asked about The Staffs.

Move swiftly.

Upon your return with the three staffs:

The Deep Slumber predicted your coming, as it did many things about you. You were meant to find the staffs, to reforge them, and ultimately, to keep them. Those of my kind do not flinch from the Winter, but the nights grow exceptionally cold, and the air holds the stench of decay. Mortals, it seems, will outlast us all. Take the staffs. Wield them. They have called you, as they once called down the lightning and lit the earth with fire. Do not lose heart on your perilous journey.