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My cousin Clyeth Arne abandoned Dolve Arne for a life of waste and frivolity in Rathir. When the war began, I was forced to hand everything over to the Alfar army, except Urlik here. I will return one day. It is my birthright.


Lord Cras is a Dokkalfar noble that claims to be a younger son of the wealthy Arne Family. His cousin would be Clyeth Arne and he complains about him, since Cleyth gave the family ancestral seat Dolve Arne to the army.


Cras can be found in a camp of refugees named New Culn, located in the Forsaken Plain.



Welcome. I know, our little camp doesn't look like much, but it's home. After all, what is hombe but a place where people love you? I am Lord Cras, heir to Dolve Arne, and soon-to-be Mayor of New Culn.

upon your first encounter.

The war took everything these poor folk possessed. Their farms. Their families. Their future. Now they search for hope in a hopeless land. At Dolve Arne, I was born into wealth, into prestige. And I took it for granted. That is why I have devoted myself to raising these good people up.

when asked about the Refugees.

Out here? No. I have not seen any Tuatha on this long, treacherous road. However, there are plenty of other dangers to avoid. Trust me. Bandits prowl the hight cliffs to the east, and there is talk of spies among the refugees. But I am not one to heed rumors and suspicions.

when asked about the Tuatha.

It is no place for these people. I've seen many sorrowful sights in my travels abroad, and nothing could have prepared me for the suffering I've witnessed here. If what they say is true, then the Forsaken Plain is truly cursed. Only the Fae could have spoiled a place so utterly. To them, death is just a new beginning.

when asked about the Forsaken Plain.

Ah, I'm glad you asked. The village of Culn was a place of peace, of prosperity. Now it is little more than ashes and bones. But by burning our homes, the Tuatha have kindled in us a fire for survival. We will build a New Culn. All I need is the gold to support this bold undertaking, possibly by retrieving the Treasures of Culn. Care to help?

when asked: What is New Culn?

There are many valuables, not only a chosen few will fetch the kind of gold we need to begin construction. A painting, an urn, a bow, and some jewelry.

when asked: What are the Treasures of Culn?

A nobler soul I've never met. Now here is what I intend to do, because like all good leaders, I have a plan. My plan involves the Treasures of Culn. The people of this good village were not mere farmers, but members of the highest strata. Their collection of valuables was truly second to none. To safeguard these possessions, and because many proved cumbersome on this long journey, they hid them. I want you to bring them to me. Sadly, we will need to sell them.

if chosen the response: I'll help.

The items are in Bitter Cove, east of here near the hills. It was eserted when we spent the night there, but I fear it's been occupied since then.

when asked: Where are the Treasures?


Upon your return with the treasures:

Remarkable! The Treasures of Culn. They... they are more beautiful than I remember. This is truly an achievement, one that will shape the days to come, I promise you.
You will have it, as you deserve something equal to the great service you have done me and the refugees. I have acquired many tools and weapons during this long journey west. I have set them aside to use in constructing New Culn; but I now offer them to you. You are welcome to one item from my private hoard, as thanks. Urlik will accompany you, of course. His spear may come in handy along the way.

when asked: Where's my reward?

You should follow Urlik, your reward awaits.

When you find him, within the city of Rathir:

You! How in the... Urlik, that turncoat. I never should have trusted a liar to commit murder. That's what murderers are for. What do you want?
Of course I did. I'm not the Lord of Dolve Arne. I'm not even from the Tywili Coast. But what does it matter? I only did what I had to. Don't we all? The Rathir authorities don't have to know. Keep this quiet and let me sail with this galley, and you can have the gold I received for the Treasures of Culn. I am a man of my word, most of the time.

upon your response: You lied to everyone.

If you let him go:

You are my savior. Please, take some of what I fleeced from those idiots in the Plain. Our partnership has turned out to be quite lucrative. Goodbye.

if chosen the response: Enjoy your miserable life.

If you send him to prison:

No. You wretch. You will rue the day you betrayed Cras! Do you hear me?

if chosen the response: Enjoy prison.


  • The Fateless One can find a document, "Letter to Lord Cras Arne", which indicates Lord Cras has some business going on in the Blue Bear Tavern in Emaire.
  • The Fateless One later finds out Lord Cras is a fake and betrayed the people of New Culn, the refugees he claimed to care about. When caught, there's no option to kill him though.
  • If the Fateless One breaks into Rathir Jail after Cras is caught the option to kill him in his cell becomes available.