Description[edit | edit source]

Lorestones are interactive objects scattered throughout the world of Amalur and inhabit most of the games zones.

Activating a Lorestone rewards the player a small amount of XP, accompanied by a voiceover providing insight into the lore of Amalur.

Each Lorestone falls under a "set", which may be observed in the Player Menu under Status > Lorestones. By completing a Lorestone set, (finding all the required Lorestones throughout a zone or set of zones) the Player will be rewarded with bonus experience as well as a permanent boost to one of their attributes. Generally these boosts are relatively minor, though as the Player unlocks multiple set bonuses, it provides a considerable advantage.

By investing in the 10th rank of the Detect Hidden skill, Lorestones will be displayed on your map, making the Stones considerably easier to find.

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Dalentarth[edit | edit source]

Plains of Erathell[edit | edit source]

Detyre[edit | edit source]

Klurikon and Alabastra[edit | edit source]

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Seasons lorestones are found across a number of zones.

DLC[edit | edit source]

Total Bonuses for All Lorestones:[edit | edit source]


  • 4% Damage with melee vs Humans
  • 10% Poison damage vs Fae
  • 10% Damage vs Beasts
  • 6% Fire Damage
  • 3% Overall Melee Damage
  • 6% Damage with Faeblades
  • 6% Damage with Hammers
  • 8% Bleeding Damage
  • 3% Overall Ranged Damage
  • 9% Overall Crit Chance
  • 3% Crit Chance vs Fae
  • 6% Crit Damage with Magic

Stat Bonus

  • 25% Health
  • +20 Health
  • 1 Heath Regen/s
  • 19% Mana
  • 1 Mana Regen/s
  • 11% Armor Value


  • 10% Poison Resistance
  • 20% Bleeding Resistance
  • 6 Fire Resistance
  • 4% Overall Damage Resistance
  • 10% Ice Resistance


  • 3% Gold Drops
  • 5% Mana Drain (10pt)
  • 20% Burning Duration
  • -10% Equip Requirements
  • 4% Status duration in Teeth of Naros


Displayed below are region maps with the locations of various Lorestone sets...

Faelands[edit | edit source]

DLC[edit | edit source]

Below are map images of the lorestones found in Gallows End in the The Legend of Dead Kel DLC and in the Teeth of Naros DLC:

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