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Unlike most, I started when I was a mere slip of a girl. You see, my mother told fates, and I learned sitting on her knee.


Located across the lake from Didenhil, Luminitsa is extremely unpopular with many of the locals due to reading the fates. Many like Cora Banick and Maslow Tarrick refer to her as a witch and even go so far as to blame her for some of the problems that have befallen the village as of late.

She offers the services of a Fateweaver to the player character, offering to reset the Fateless One skills, abilities and destinies.


Welcome. I am Luminitsa. It is for Fateweaving that you have come to my lonely side of the lake?
It's not witchcraft like the townsfolk believe. It's simply reading the threads of fate, and some people can't come to terms with it.

when asked about Fateweaving.

Sadly, I have not been welcome across the lake for a long time. When I first arrived here, I gave fortunes to several villagers. Their fates were... not happy ones. Of course, until I drew their cards, I had no idea. They blamed me and cut off ties.

when asked about Didenhil village.

Cora Banick is a madding, presumptuous, petty hen. She turned all Didenhil against me. At least she won't live to see old age.

when asked about Cora Banick.

Yes, the old cur's in Didenhil. Came by for a drink last night. Caught up on old times.

when asked about Agarth.

So Brother Fallon is dead? And I thought things were bad as they could get. This means Astrid will run out of Plagueshield, sooner or later... I am able to supply it. The village has not always been kind to me, but never mind that. This will be my olive branch.
He was a good man and a friend. He was kind after the village shut their doors to me, and taught me much of what I know.

when asked about Brother Fallon.

After you finish 'The Natural Order' quest:

It's the strangest thing. The cards were hers last, so I glimpsed her fate when I took them from you. And that fate - it's not what it was. She will die of old age! Somehow, that's changed!

when asked about Cora Banick.

They may not welcome me with open arms, but the villagers will accept the medicines they need.