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Ommer Vogard was Culn's primary hunter, but it wasn't long after the Tuatha attacked that his hands gave out. Now, he can't even hold a bow without shaking. I took over his job, and his heart. I tend to stalk my prey as opposed to shoot it. Something about looking it in the eyes before it dies. There's respect in that.


Lyra Turrelm is a Varani refugee. She is the lover of Ommer Vogard. It is him that asks the Fateless One for help, since Lyra went to Orieator's Tomb and never returned.

You'll find her there, along with several refugees that got trapped inside the dungeon.


Lyra can be found at Orieator's Tomb while doing 'Buried Alive'. Once the quest is done she settles in the Refugee Camp, within the Forsaken Plain.



I knew someone would come. They all said we were as good as dead, but I held out hope. I don't know why. Never had any reason to hope before. So what's your story? Grave robber, treasure hunter, or like us, a refugee in search of shelter?

upon your first encounter with her.

You did? Well, here I was about to start complaining about them. We've been trapped down here for days, unable to get past those blades, and you simply walk in and disable them, just like that. I'm impressed. I'll say thanks, but the person you're really going to want to talk to is Ommer. He'd move mountains to find me. Come along now. The others are waiting back at camp.

upon your response: I shut off the traps.

I don't know much about Orieator but what they taught in the village school house - before it was burned down. He was a war hero. Galafor Fields, I'd gather.

when asked about Orieator's Tomb.

He is my beloved. Yes, there is a difference in our ages, but I believe that Ommer's experiences have given him a lust for life, one to rival a man with half his years.

when asked about Ommer Vogard.

She's from the camp on the hill leading into Emaire. She's a liar, and a thief. Twice I've caught her sneaking into our tents to steal food. Worse than a boggart.

when asked about Idwa Widfrond.

We probably could have sought refuge in Rathir, but there is no way the Dokkalfar would have allowed us to stay. But if we don't belong there, where do we belong?

when asked about the Refugees.

The name fits. We didn't have an easy life when we farmed the fields below Culn. But it was nothing like this, if the bandits don't get you, the starvation will.

when asked about the Forsaken Plain.

Come on. We'll find rest back at camp.

Once reached the Refugees Camp:

Not many people would aid a bunch of refugees with no standing and nothing to offer. You're different, and that's good.
We won't be out here in the Plain forever. Times are changing. I can feel it. Be well.