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I have gems and shards of all kinds. Please, have a look.


Maeve Arigal is Ljosalfar sagecraft merchant and friend of Galen Gwalchmai.

As a sagecrafter merchant, Maeve sells the followings gems and shards:

Gems (Misc) Shards (Misc)


He can always be found selling his wares at Gwalchmai's Goods, within the Lower City.


This is the Sagecrafting table. I can help you with gems and shards and the like. If you want general goods, you should speak to master Gwalchmai, over there.

upon your first encounter.

It takes great concentration. You can get lost in the work. I like that.

when asked about Sagecrafting.

He's been very good to me. I knew my gems were good, but they wouldn't seem to sell in a market stall. They do better here.

when asked about Galen Gwalchmai.

Oh, it's so lovely. The Lunar Gardens - not that I've seen much else of the world. Have you? I'd be terrified to go so far.

when asked about Rathir.

So long.


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