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I once lived in Rathir's Upper City. And then I fell in love with a man that sold songs for a living: Irion. But there was little joy in my father's heart for our feelings. So I left for the Travelers, just a wisp of a lass.


Maire, also known as the Queen of Cups, is a Ljosalfar member of the Travelers. She was, along with her husband Irion Tal, the leader of Moon Camp until she decided to leave him to seek refuge at the Temple of Lyria.


She can first be found at the Temple of Lyria in the Upper City of Rathir. Once 'Something Borrowed' is completed, she can be found in Moon Camp if was convinced by the Fateless One to return to Irion.



Yes, I see you.
Yeah? What are you doing here? I don't suppose you're becoming a child of Lyria.

upon your first encounter with her.

I'm not the queen of anything, now. And I'm not so keen to do any talking.

when asked about the "Queen of Cups".

The damned fool. All the work I do for him in camp, all the sacrifices I've made to be with him - he's ignored it all! He made a little mistake, but that's the last one. I won't wait around until he forgets me entirely.

when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.

It... I spent my life growing up in the Upper City of Rathir, so you might not understand. But I love that camp. There's always colors, and dancing, and music. I feel free, there. It's hard to be apart from it. Stupid Irion...

when asked about Moon Camp.

I've taken orders before. But a commander ought to at least look a soldier in the eye when telling them what to do. But the Hierophant doesn't do that. The orders just come in secret, and no one takes responsibility for them. A damn fool idea, if you ask me.

when asked about the Hierophant.

They break from all the rules, the trappings, and be themselves. I remember, that was why I first joined....

when asked about the Travelers.

By Lyria, you think you might want to speak a little more quietly!? I don't need anyone here getting wise to me! And let me guess. You're a Traveler and you've been called to steal the Cowl of the Maiden. Well, I beat you to it. Cowl's mine.

when asked: You're Maire? From Moon Camp?

I... I guess you're right. Irion has a flair for the melodramatic, sure, but I know he's taken my loss hard. It seems I can't get away from the Travelers. They really are my life. Fine - take the cowl. I'm headed back to Moon Camp.

if chosen the response: "You should forgive Irion" (succeeding in persuasion attempt).