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Orsinian Paige tells you he has a plan for the Jottun problem. The old Ragnarr was a wily Jottun, who kept relative peace with his neighbors and the clan. But he has died, and the new Ragnarr is of a more warlike disposition. He is too careful to fight the Warsworn, but considers Gnomes fair game.

Declan Paige has a plan to end this, and polish up his name so he can get the promotion he feels he has been unfairly kept from, to Centurion.

His plan is to pit the Jottuns and the Kobolds against each other, and once they have weakened each other enough, to finish them off.


  • Talk to Orsinian Paige in north-west Menetyre near the pass into Alserund
  • Steal the Kobold's Clan Totem - It's in Tearcotter Mine (small cave with one(1)-way entrance/exit, no traps, kobold-variants only, 5 unlocked chests, 1 very easy-locked chest, 1 easy-locked chest, 3 average-locked chests, 1 lootable mining cart, 2 whirlpools, 1 hidden treasure - the Totem is in the back of the mine).
  • Return to Orsinian Paige.
  • Deal with Ragnarr's Chosen :  Kill three Jottun with name Ragnarr's Chosen and walk up to their corpses to place a kobold dagger in them (which you got from Orsinian Paige).
  • Meet with Orsinian Paige. He is now the southern area of Alserund. Go up to a ledge (where Efyr Dynnwel was/is) and then jump down twice.  Talk to Orsinian Paige.
  • The battle is joined : Watch as the Jottun and Kobolds take each other out.
  • The battle has turned : Wipe out the leftover Jottuns after they defeat the Kobolds - Three(3) Warsworns will come to back you up.
  • Talk to Orsinian Paige to end the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~500 and 1850 at level 30).


Some notable loot found includes:


Although Orsinian Paige ask the player to wait when watching the battle between the Jottun and Kobolds, the player can still join the battle early to get more experience without any consequence.