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After my sisters died in Klurikon, I wasn't allowed to even train for fighting. All Anwon's posterity hangs upon me. I understand that.


Mallion Anwon is a Dokkalfar noble, member of one of the Great Families of Rathir. He is the son of Coriana Anwon, and last living heir to the House Arwon, since his father and two elder sisters died fighting the Tuatha Deohn.


He can be found at House Anwon in the Upper City of Rathir.



Ugh! Oh... I've been having such awful dreams. Insects, crawling. And dark things closing in. How long has it been? Feels like days.

once you've given him the Lapidus herb.

Days? Has it really? That does explain my back. And my head.

upon your response: It has been days.

Poisoned? Ah, I remember. A bottle of rather good wine was delivered. A gift, you know. I thought I'd have a sip, and then... Where is it now? It seems to have rolled under the bed. No one noticed. I suppose. You have it. It's a clue, after all.

if chosen the response: Easy now. You've been poisoned.

Forgive me. Still a bit foggy. I'm afraid. I recall Onfei bringing in the wine. It looked good, so I thought I'd have a sip. Then - darkness.

when asked: Is that all you remember?

Mother must have been so worried. Did I just... fall asleep and stay that way?

when asked about his mother, Coriana Anwon.

Both Cassyne and Wylla were much older, and I remember then as tall and fearsome and fair. They have been dead for more of my life than alive.

when asked about his sisters.

Our oldest house-servant. She's as devoted to us as, well, as if we were her own children.

when asked about Onfei Cather.

I feel so foolish now. A gift left at our door - and without a thought I simply drank it.

when asked about the Poisoned Wine

Do send for mother, if you would.

Once completed 'Bad Blood':

Ah, it's you. You know mother is so grateful for what you've done.
Oh, it was awful! The dreams. I'm feeling better now. I suppose I have you to thank.

when asked about the Poisoning.

I'm rather fond of good wines. Gwalchmai knows which ones I like. It's probably no secret at all throughout Rathir. And it has been a long time since any great house has had to worry about poisoned gifts, I assure you.

when asked about the Wine.