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Witch Knight Malwyn leads the forces on the siege of Mel Senshir. By summoning the Balor, he was able to rout General Tilera's forces and lay siege to the city of Mel Senshir for ten years. Little else is known about Malwyn except that he is the Witch Knight that leads the Tuatha forces against the mortal armies at Mel Senshir until he was killed by the Fateless One.You first see him fighting General Tilera on the Ramparts until he pushes her away with a magic blast and engages the Fateless One in what would be his last battle.


Malwyn fights as a typical swordfighter, for the most part. However, he has a few tricks up his sleeves.

First, no attack will cause his actions to be interrupted, at all. You cannot interrupt, stagger, or knock Malwyn down, unless through activation of Reckoning. However, this also means that he is vulnerable to Stuns, as he will not get back up until the Stun duration ends.

Second, he has access to the Comet Strike Longsword attack, under Brutal Weaponry I. This allows him to close the gap between you very quickly. This attack is very difficult to Parry, but it's possible. This is perhaps one of his strongest attacks, and one of the toughest to dodge, too. Malwyn is likely the first boss to possess this skill; other high-level enemy swordsmen will also have access to this skill later in the game.

Third, he has access to some spells. He can utilize the tornado spell used by typical sorcerers, such as Tuatha Priests, but he can also use a battle horn. When he pulls out the battle horn, he teleports away onto a ledge to command the Balor to attack the Fateless One and Tilera. The only way to protect yourself from this attack is by having Tilera protect you with the Piercing Light.


Breaking The Siege - one of the main antagonists