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The cargo manifest for the prison ship Shacklefish.


Day 78: Arrived Rathir, from Adessa

Calm today. Seas clear, sky bright. Supplies available, but prices high. Damn Alfar.

Boatswain requests that we postpone departure. Visited a soothsayer in the Pryderi. Superstitious fool.

We prepare to sail, unhindered. Delivered cargo to the prison: 2 killers; 1 swindler. Picked up several new faces for our voyage to the Obsidian Isle.

Manifest is as follows:

Enclosure 1: Eirlod Ingvild; V; M

Enclosure 2: Allwrir Aker; V; M

Enclosure 3: Ceod Gurthfurth; A; M

Enclosure 4: Mydre Bethach; D; F

Enclosure 5: Urthan Cotty; L; M

Enclosure 6: Wine Cynric; A; M

Enclosure 7: Mack Pemson; G; M

Enclosure 8: Olaf Asvaldsson; V; M

Enclosure 9: Beg Mys; D; M

Enclosure 10: Abwyr Gorwed; D; M

Looking to the heavens for peaceful sailing, open ocean.

Captain Sconn