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I'm an assistant in the Laboratories. I one day aspire to work in the Basilica Gnostra -- where the greatest scholars collaborate.


Manon Souris is a gnome found in the markets of Adessa.


He can be found at the Adessa Markets.




Well, it's the oft-spoken-of guest of Sandstone Villa. I may not have much to offer, but if you need any assistance, please ask.
Much can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city -- but I hope you'll forgive us if we accidentally overlook something during your stay.
Adessa was not founded for trade, or power, like Rathir and Mel Senshir. We were founded to study, with the Livrarium at our heart.

when asked about Adessa

That is the home of Adessa's finest minds. They have been freed from thinking about tangible science, of practical limitations, and experiment only in the theoretical.

when asked about the Basilica Gnostra

The Laboratories are where the practical magic studies are performed. Our findings go to the Basilica Gnostra, who use them to create new theories and laws of magic.

when asked about the Laboratories