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"You must be the master of the keep. Your scout, Zefwyn, he found me on the coast. Hopefully I can be of some use here. I do offer training."

Marten is one of the castaways Zefwyn can find and rescue when the Fateless One sends him to scavenge from certain wrecks during the Scouting Mission task. He is a Varani Pirate, though his ship was masquerading as something else when Zefwyn found him-  a Warsworn Galley, Traveler's Sloop, or Merchant Vessel. He and his crew had taken on too much loot, and the extra weight was enough to cause a leak. They were able to make it to Gallows End, but Marten was the only one to survive the trip whole.


Marten Strand is a master stealth trainer (levels 7-9)


  • Marten will be one of the supplicants the Fateless One will hear during the Master of the Keep quest series. Though he was the only one to remain whole and human once his ship made landing on Gallows End, the rest of his mates were turned into Faer Gorta, and he wants you to put them out of their misery.